Be Happy. Be Grounded. Be Fulfilled with English Yoga Classes in Barcelona.

Group Classes

Grounded Yoga for Groups works with techniques and poses that help relieve tension through opening postures. If you are exploring yoga for the first time or you are more advanced there is something to suit you.

Yoga at Work

Designed to support the busy working day. Grounded Yoga at Work can be adapted to fit into 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. We will focus on helping you disconnect from the busy working day and you will leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Yoga at Home

Grounded Private Classes can be held in the comfort of your home or on my terrace. One to one classes are designed to focus on specific areas of the practice or postures of your choice. We are able to break down poses, correct alignment and deepen your practice.

 Yoga Retreat

Grounded Yoga Retreat is designed to fit in with your schedule whilst you are visiting Barcelona. Classes can be taught in your apartment or hotel. We can adapt the classes into 45, 60 or 75 minute sessions. We can focus on specific areas of the practice or postures of your choice.

Find your Grounding


Catherine is great! The best yoga classes I’ve had, she knows how to mix the exercises to keep the mood up and makes us feel relaxed and energetic.

Testimonial from grounded yoga bcnThank you Grounded Yoga for wonderful days in Barcelona – allowing us to challenge ourselves, get grounded and connect within through yoga ❤

Review of grounded yoga bcnCatherine is an amazing yoga teacher! She gives great advice. All her workshops and especially the private yoga lessons are highly recommended. I’ve had different yoga teachers, but she is the one I have learnt the most with. So if you happen to be in Barcelona, practice with her, to feel the love she has for yoga.

Catherine is a great person and makes me feel comfortable and at ease during the class, she pays attention to our postures and adjusts gently, if necessary, which helps to improve my practice. I also like the music she brings and the class allows me to disconnect and renew my energy at the same time.

Catherine’s technique is both professional and personal, something I look forward to each week. I like the mix of hands on and instructional, it helps a lot for people who are not as confident.

Excellent and professional yoga teacher. She notes students’ level and gives good practical advice. I recommend!

Grounded Yoga Bcn Testimonial I love how Catherine guides the class. Truth be said, she transmits calm and relaxation, from the beginning of the class. She stars with a soft warm up, then the class becomes “harder”, then we do some balance, technical poses, and then the final and deserved relaxation. Is great because she is always there helping so you improve your technique and go further, but without pushing too hard. Since I do yoga with her, I’m always looking forward to Mondays because I come back home completely satisfied with myself and in peace.

I did yoga classes with Catherine throughout my year in Barcelona and always came out feeling like I’d been wonderfully ‘reset’. Catherine is warm and welcoming and her class is balanced and well-paced, with some breathing exercises, good stretching (helped by her mini massages and magic creams!) and heart-rate boosting vinyasa flows that strengthen and tone every muscle. She’s vigilant and hands-on, making sure that everyone is getting the most out of every position. Now I’m back in London, I’m looking for a replacement Catherine!

I love Catherine’s classes so much! She is such a warm and caring person WHO makes you always feel good and welcome. I usually leave with a great feeling that lasts the whole day 🙂
The classes are the perfect mixture of hard and soft exercises with a great relaxation at the end. And I also love the cream!!
Tried other classes, but for me Catherine is the best teacher.

I really enjoy Catherine’s classes – they are dynamic and complete, including warm-up and relaxation as well as some seasonal insights. The classes are fun and suitable for beginners and more advanced students at the same time since Catherine gives detailed instructions and asana variations or alternatives. She also has very nice music playlists to complement the class! Her classes make you feel amazing on a Monday night after work – or anytime really 🙂