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Find your groundings

Catherine-ProfileMy vision as a yoga teacher is about using movement to create change in your physical, emotional and mental well being. I believe yoga is the tool to help us access these changes and aids us in feeling happier, grounded and generally more fulfilled.

Yoga helps you to access body parts, which maybe before you hadn’t even realised they were there. This access gives you freedom in the body in your own unique expression whether it’s creatively, physically, sexually or spiritually.

I wasn’t always practicing yoga, I was living a very hectic and unhealthy lifestyle in London. I had no energy, dull skin and no focus. I decided to make a change in my life which lead me to move to Spain where I found more time for myself. I started practicing yoga regularly which lead me to complete a yoga teacher training in Barcelona.

Barcelona is an energising city surrounded by beaches and mountains. Your environment is incredibly important to your well being and it can help to inspire you. I found my passion of teaching yoga here and I want to share it with you.

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