Build confidence by practicing yoga at home

Balancing our work and personal life can be very challenging at times. The one thing that always seems to suffer is our own personal wellbeing. Making time for ourselves and prioritising our body, mind and spirit can be done in the form of yoga at home.

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience from practicing yoga at home:

  • Build confidence with basics and foundations of yoga
  • Specific focus on a posture or area of the body
  • Boosts energy and alertness
  • Raises confidence and deepens personal practice
  • Assists with disconnecting and helping mind and body to relax

Why choose yoga at home classes?

Yoga at home allows you to deepen your current practice or focus on a specific area or concern.

  • Classes can be designed to help meet specific goals whether its emotional, spiritual or physical
  • Take tools and experience learnt during the class into your daily life. (e.g. breath work for anxiety)
  • Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health

Who am I?

Catherine-ProfileWelcome everyone! I am Catherine, a yoga teacher who believes practicing yoga helps you to feel happier, grounded and generally more fulfilled. I hope to share my passion of teaching yoga with you.

If you have any questions send me a message!

How much does it cost?

Yoga at home sessions are available as a single class or in a pack of 6 classes. Classes can be organised at different times of the day to fit in with your schedule.

Yoga at home

from 30 €

Yoga at home is a single private class which is designed to meet your needs with hands on assists and adjustments throughout.

Yoga at home abono

from 150 €

Yoga at home abono is a 6 class pack which are designed and adapted to work with your body, mind, spirit and specific needs.

What people say about our yoga at home?

After some time teaching yoga at home I’ve received some good feedback, here is what they say:

Review of grounded yoga bcnCatherine is an amazing yoga teacher! She gives great advice. All her workshops and especially the private yoga lessons are highly recommended. I’ve had different yoga teachers, but she is the one I have learnt the most with. So if you happen to be in Barcelona, practice with her, to feel the love she has for yoga.

These 6 private lessons have been absolutely fantastic. A combination of breathing, stretching and a focus on strengthening yoga poses. Catherine has a very calm manner of teaching her yoga and makes it her own. I can definitely recommend her classes as you always leave positive, relaxed and with a peaceful mind.
​All the best for the future 🙂 Caroline

Catherine is a great person and makes me feel comfortable and at ease during the class, she pays attention to our postures and adjusts gently, if necessary, which helps to improve my practice. I also like the music she brings and the class allows me to disconnect and renew my energy at the same time.

Catherine’s technique is both professional and personal, something I look forward to each week. I like the mix of hands on and instructional, it helps a lot for people who are not as confident.

What to expect from a typical yoga at home class?

The classes are designed and tailored to the students wants and needs. We focus on specific areas of the practice or postures, breaking down poses, correcting alignment and deepening your practice:

  1. The class starts with an intention or reading
  2. Move into a gentle warm-up
  3. Main body of the practice
  4. Focus on a specific area or postures
  5. Hands on assistance and adjustments
  6. Move into inversions (e.g. headstand)
  7. The practice ends with relaxation and massage

The class is accompanied with music and aromatherapy creams which creates an energising and relaxed atmosphere.