Improve your wellbeing by practicing yoga in a group

Finding time to attend a regular yoga group that suits you can make a really positive impact on your life. It allows you to meet like minded people and helps create a sense of community. So what better way than to start attending a regular yoga group class.

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience from practicing yoga group classes:

  • Connect with other like minded people
  • Practice yoga in a safe positive atmosphere
  • Be Inspired and encouraged by others
  • Raises confidence and deepens practice
  • Assists with disconnecting and helping mind and body to relax

Why participate in yoga group classes?

Participating in a regular yoga group can deepen your own personal practice and create a yoga community.

  • Attending a regular group yoga class inspires your own practice
  • Boosts confidence and enjoyment for the practice
  • Practice a variety of postures and techniques

When                                   Where

Sunday 10.00 – 11.30           Yoga con Gracia, Carrer de Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55, 08024 Barcelona

Who am I?

Catherine-ProfileWelcome everyone! I am Catherine, a yoga teacher who believes practicing yoga helps you to feel happier, grounded and generally more fulfilled. I hope to share my passion of teaching yoga with you.

If you have any questions send me a message!

How much does it cost?

Group Yoga Classes are designed to suit all. The classes are either one evening during the week or a weekend morning. A single group class is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Group Yoga Classes

from 10 €

Group Yoga Classes are for all. If you enjoy moving and breathing and have little experience or are more advanced there are postures to suit all.

What people say about our yoga at work programs?

After some time teaching Yoga Group Classes I’ve received some positive feedback, look at what they say:

Catherine is a great person and makes me feel comfortable and at ease during the class, she pays attention to our postures and adjusts gently, if necessary, which helps to improve my practice. I also like the music she brings and the class allows me to disconnect and renew my energy at the same time.

I did yoga classes with Catherine throughout my year in Barcelona and always came out feeling like I’d been wonderfully ‘reset’. Catherine is warm and welcoming and her class is balanced and well-paced, with some breathing exercises, good stretching (helped by her mini massages and magic creams!) and heart-rate boosting vinyasa flows that strengthen and tone every muscle. She’s vigilant and hands-on, making sure that everyone is getting the most out of every position. Now I’m back in London, I’m looking for a replacement Catherine!

I love Catherine’s classes so much! She is such a warm and caring person WHO makes you always feel good and welcome. I usually leave with a great feeling that lasts the whole day 🙂
The classes are the perfect mixture of hard and soft exercises with a great relaxation at the end. And I also love the cream!!
Tried other classes, but for me Catherine is the best teacher.

Here is a typical group yoga class?

The practice is designed to meet the needs of all abilities. A typical group yoga class sequence;

  1. The class starts with setting an intention and a gentle warm-up.
  2. Main body of the practice focuses on poses for opening and strengthening the body.
  3. Partner exercise which connects the group and creates a yoga community.
  4. The practice ends with a massage and relaxation.

The class is accompanied with music and aromatherapy creams which create an energising and relaxed atmosphere.